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Ich suche eine Frau Dauernde Beziehungen oder Heirat - MarioAndre | Bremen | Deutschland

Ich suche eine Frau MarioAndre Bremen Deutschland
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MarioAndre Schütze
Deutschland, Bremen, Bremen

Ich bin ein Mann, 43 Jahre alt
Ich suche eine Frau Alter ab 25 bis 37


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Über mich
Geburtstag: 1975-12-10 
Beziehungsart: Dauernde Beziehungen oder Heirat
Mein Land: Deutschland
Region: Bremen
Meine Stadt: Bremen
Meine Begrüssungsphrase: Hello I have seen your profile. You are a very beautiful woman, this is all what I know about you at the moment and a reason for me to write this letter to you. I am interested in a woman like you. Some facts about myself: My name is Mari, a little bit older than 30 years, I am living closed to Bremen in the north-west of Germany, I got my money with writing books for ren. Now I am looking for a latvian girlfriend. A nice woman who wants live with me together in a dreamful relationship here in Germany. I can promise you a good and happy life here with me. I want a family, i love s. I got everything here, a sportscar,  a nice appartment, but I have a big and empty heart at the moment. I like dancing, partys and travelling all over the world, I do not drink or smoke. I love latvian people. A girlfriend came from Latvia, I had been with her there in Latvia and we had a good time. I like these people more and I prefer woman with a latvian character. This is the main reason for contacting women here at latvian webpages. Now I want looking for a long term of relationship with a latvian woman like you. But: I need love for a relationship and I want only the "right one". The one who I love and who loves me, but not all the other stuff what we can enjoy for a komfortable life. Maybe you are becoming that one who drives me crazy? And I becoming the same for you too? Do you want going to find it out? I believe in true love. Please, tell me more about yourself, your hobbies, your interests, your wishes, your dreams. What way of life do you think you live here? Studying, working? Be a substitute? I promise my help that your wishes and dreams comes true. But: I do not want a princess, I like a strong woman at my side with her own head. Please, tell me the answers. I also want like to see you at some pics. I like it to watch you. With all my best wishes from here, peace, love and understanding. I hope to here from you soon. Maybe we find a way together. Lets go on and find it out. Your german friend 
Meine Körpergröße: 1.75 m.
Mein Gewicht: 73 kg
Meine Haarfarbe: Dunkelbraun
Meine Augenfarbe: Braun
Meine Körperform: Sportlich
Meine besten Körperteile: Augen
Meine Rasse: Weißhäutig
Mein Familienstand: Ledig
Anzahl der Kinder: Keine
Ich möchte mehr Kinder: Eines Tages
Meine Wohnbeziehungen: allein
Mein Beruf: Andere
Meine Einkünfte: Andere
Meine Ausbildung: College
Berufsausbildung: Wirtschaft
Ich spreche: Deutsch
Mein Hobby: Nachtklubs / Tanzen
Einkaufen / Antiquitäten
Musik und Konzerte
Meine Lieblingssportart: Motorsport
Meine Religion: Christ
Lieblingsgetränke: Wasser
Meine Diät: Frische Produkte
Lieblingsmusik: Pop
Verständnis für Humor: Freudlich

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